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Nano-Gear™ Pocket 1000x Microscope
Nano-Gear™ Pocket 1000x Microscope

Nano-Gear™ Pocket 1000x Microscope

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A new way to see the world

With the Nano-Gear™ you will be able to discover the smallest details in high resolution. You will see things that you would never have been able to see, directly on your smartphone or computer screen.
Come and enter a new world: the microscopic world.

 An Impressive x1000 Zoom
We took the best of Dynamic Optic Technology and came up with this x1000 zoom that fits in the palm of your hand.
Want to know what a x1000 zoom represents? Have you ever seen the eyes of an ant? Well, now you can

 A pocket microscope for everybody
The small size and quality of the Nano-Gear™ makes extremely versatile. it perfect for leisure, educational, and also professional use.
Our customer use it in many different ways:
- with kids, they love pointing it and discovering new things
- at school: no need anymore to stay inside a classroom to analyze small objects
- at work: working with microchips

- x40 to x1000 zoom
- 8  high power LEDs
- Only 13,5cm long and 200 grams!
- Comes with a strong 3D rotative mount
- Easy Set-up
- No Wifi version is compatible with: Android, Mac and Windows (not iOS)
- Wifi version is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows (select this one if you have an iPhone)